MOMTRESS, the series, is now available to watch!  After winning awards and screening at over a dozen festivals, Momtress can be seen on Facebook and on Vimeo! 


Click to watch this relatable, funny and heartwarming series starring Liz Samuel, David Milchard (Convos with my 2 year old) and Roland Buck III (NBC's Chicago Med) and directed by Shaina Feinberg (Dinette, The Babymooners, Shiva) GoIndieTV says, "We feel it is so good that it should be a prime time comedy TV show." We agree! 

Click link to watch on Vimeo: Momtress

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Momtress, the short film/pilot, written, produced and starring Liz Samuel is an official selection at many festivals around the USA. 


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Enjoy this clip from Momtress


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